Funky Yet Stylish

Funky Yet Stylish – An easy way to make an impact on younger customers.

Joan’s Tips
I decided on the aluminium vase to emphasise the funky feel to the arrangement. Using different cords and ribbons will achieve extra impact. The funky effect is highlighted by using different coloured Mitsumata twigs.

Materials used:

  • 4 Mitsumata twigs Purple/pink/lilac/green
  • Cord/ribbon/decorated wire Variety
  • 3 Rose Pacific Blue Soft lilac
  • 1 Lisianthus double Pink
  • 1 Lisianthus double Purple
  • 1 Lisianthus double White
  • 1 Lisianthus single White/pink
  • 1 Lisianthus single green
  • 1 Lisianthus single White/blue
  • 1 Lisianthus single Purple
  • 1 Lisianthus single Yellow

A variety of colours and textures are all that’s needed for that funky effect.

Bundle the Mitsumata twigs together ensuring you have maximum volume at the top. Add the Lisianthus and tie at different heights and positions to the Mitsumata with the coloured cords.

To complete the arrangement use a few large roses to give a solid base.
By: Joan Stam

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