Just a Little bit More

Unexpected yet stylish; perfect for getting noticed.

Materials: Color:
Vase Gold
Ribbon, binding cord
Cordyline ‘Black Tie’ Black
Lilly Grass Green
Ligustrum berries Black
Rose Black Baccara Dark Red
Lisianthus double Lilac
Lisianthus single Purple
Lisianthus single ‘Old pink’

Surprised that using a shiny gold vase will make the bouquet stand out even more than usual? Tie the purple Lisianthus together making sure the flowers are given maximum focus.

Start to break up the formal shape with a ring of Ligustrum berries below the Lisianthus flowers. For colour add a circle of open pink Lisianthus. Now using them length-wise, wrap the Cordyline leaves around the stems leaving the tips sticking out to mirror the shape of the Lillygrass and make a collar beneath the flowers.

Finish your parallel tied bunch with double open Lisianthus and dark red roses in a circle below the leaves, before finally binding the bouquet and covering the binding point with a piece of ribbon for a luxurious effect.

Joan’s Tips
So the bouquet doesn’t become too compact I kept the flowers loose. Make sure you don’t squeeze the Lisianthus together – that way as many flowers as possible are on show. To get that extra touch of glamour I chose a gold vase, although silver will have a similar effect.

By: Joan Stam

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