Lift Your Spirits

A great and easy way to surprise your customers so they can’t resist and have to buy.


  • Bowl shaped vase (White)
  • Aluminium wire


  • 7 Lilly Grass (Green)
  • 6 Asclepias Moby Dick (Green)
  • 6 Hypericum Emerald Class (Green)
  • 12 Ranunculus (Yellow)
  • 1 Lisianthus double (Green)
  • 1 Lisianthus single (White)
  • 1 Lisianthus single (Yellow)
  • The different heights of the flowers make this design much more attractive than a round compact arrangement.
  • Create a wreath shape by weaving the wire together, then start off with the smaller flowers. Add the Ranunculus followed by the Hypericum.
  • Divide different Lisianthusn colours into different heights over the frame, not forgetting to include the buds.
  • Weave Lilly grasses through the structure for curls before finishing with the Asclepias fruits deep in the bowl.

Joan’s Tip:

Make sure you leave large gaps for your flowers when you weave the wire frame. Remember to use enough buds so the arrangement doesn’t appear too compact. I used an aluminium frame to give tension to the arrangement. It’s a perfect contrast to the soft, delicacy of Lisianthus.

Autor: Joan Stam

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