Dressed up by Fashion Designers

Dressed up by Fashion Designers By Joan Stam.
Finished design: Interesting, luxurious & eye-catching. Great when put together for that extra special gift.

Materials used:
Number Description Colour

  • 1 Tall decorated glass transparent
  • Powder oasis Pink
  • Satin ribbon pink
  • Net ribbon black
  • 3 Round plastic discs black
  • 3 Flexigrass green
  • 2 Ammi Majus white
  • 1 Lisianthus double pink
  • 1 Lisianthus single white
  • 1 Lisianthus single pink
  • 1 Lisianthus single ‘Old pink’

Step 1: Using the combination of sweet, soft tones and black. Very trendy just now – creates extra appeal for your arrangement

Step 2: Use a matching powder oasis to fill the glass. I chose a vibrant pink. Decorate the stem of the glass with a bow of coloured ribbon to give that romantic feeling. Finally, fix the plastic discs onto the Flexigrass by bending the tip of the grass over the disc and gluing in place.

Step 3: Use the Ammi Majus as a base to give the arrangement dimension. Add the Lisianthus varieties at different heights in the glass

Step 4: To finish, add the Lisianthus buds and the flexigrass complete with plastic discs – these will give movement and catch the customer’s eye.

Joan’s tips:
To achieve an airier effect keep the bud stems longer
You don’t have to use the plastic circles for the flexigrass. Try beads or skeleton leaves for a different look
I chose Ammi Majus for its lacy effect to match the atmosphere

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