Not So Traditional Dutch

Easy, effective and enjoyable, perfect for any occasion, singly or in groups.


  • 1 Organic shaped ceramic vase (white)
  • 1 Aspidistra leaf (green)
  • Decorative ribbon (soft blue)
  • Satin ribbon (soft blue)


  • 1 Trachelium (purple)
  • 1 Syringa vulgaris (white)
  • 1 Lisianthus double (white)
  • 1 Lisianthus single (white|blue)
  • 1 Lisianthus single (purple)
  • Betula twigs coloured (soft blue)

Wrapping a few flowers in a decorated leaf makes them look much more attractive and luxurious. Fold an Aspidistra leaf into a cone shape and, using cold glue, decorate it with ribbon or lace. Bind the stem with the soft blue ribbon. You could even decorate this by pinning a pearl to the end.

Start with Trachelium and lilac, and any other materials to fill up the wrapped leaf, as this makes it easier to insert the Lisianthus.

Finally add the blue coloured Betula twigs and the Lisianthus to fill the cone. I used purple and white single and doubles and two coloured white/purple varieties. Now your arrangement is ready for the vase.

Joan’s tips:
Be sure to keep the bouquet loose so that everything is clearly visible before you tie the stems together with coloured cord or ribbon – this makes the binding point a decorative eye-catcher too.
By the way I chose the white organically shaped vase to emphasise both the freshness and frailness of the bouquet. Why not make up several and display them together. You could sell them singly or as a group.

By: Joan Stam

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